Trauma-informed therapy


Trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy is evidence-based psychotherapy or counselling that focuses on the person as a whole and recognizes how complex trauma is. It is often used for those with post-traumatic stress disorder or experience with other trauma. It considers not only the patient’s current experiences and traumas, but their past traumas and how that has shaped their behaviors and subsequent coping mechanisms. It draws from the understanding that when habits and coping mechanisms form after a trauma, undoing them may threaten an individual’s sense of safety and well-being.


Trauma can impact individuals on a physical, mental, behavioral, and social level, impacting how they think, process, and take care of themselves. Therefore, trauma-informed therapy is an integrated-approach, and takes the knowledge of past traumas into account during every step of treatment.


Individuals don’t always realize the impact trauma can have and how it shapes a person’s daily habits. That’s why, as a trauma-informed therapist, I make each patient’s emotional and psychological safety my top priority. I understand that an individual impacted by trauma is likely to process things differently, and that they may be experiencing hyperarousal or hypoarousal. Through transparency, trust, and encouraged empowerment, I will help you implement tools and treatments that will promote your healing and prevent you from continuing to rely on ineffective tools that may be harming you.


Trauma is something that happened to you. It may be part of your history, but it does not mean something is wrong with you. No trauma is too small or too large to require compassion-trauma is trauma. Trauma takes many forms; it is not just physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. It may be sparked by years of anxiety and depression, or it may be something else entirely.




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