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I have a passion for working with gifted folks of all ages. My clients are individuals, families, and couples. I am part of the Queer community. I work with folks exploring their gender and sexuality. I have a transnational, intersectional feminist worldview. I am trauma-informed. I believe that all folks can heal, and I believe that all folks deserve relief from the impact of trauma. In a world that makes certain bodies and identities unsafe, my office is a safe place. I am body positive, HAES, and I help folks inhabit their bodies and their lives. I believe that by helping my clients heal, together we help our community.

I help clients process trauma by utilizing EMDR. EMDR is one of the most strongly evidence-based treatments for PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and a multitude of other disorders and conditions. I help folks process their identities and live and express their best lives in their bodies. I support folks through the transition.


I am queer, fat, feminist, and gifted, so all the specialties of my practice are pieces of my own identity. I have recovered from my own trauma, and I help folks heal, in part, because I’ve been there. I am a challenging therapist because I do believe everyone can get better. I am not a forever-therapist; you’ll see me for a while and then go live your life.

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